Most 5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Most 5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid
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  • Too complicated. Keep it simple. Your website should convey who you are to potential customers while giving your existing clients the comfort that you are who they think you are. Nothing too fancy. Studies have shown that a webpage has three seconds to make an impression that will hold the viewer’s attention. If that’s not accomplished, that person clicks away and may never return.
  • A giant wall of text. Size Matters (among other things). Font size. The size of the user’s browser window and how much text you put on each page. Each of these factors impact the experience of visitors to your page. If your site is hard to use, hard to read or just has too much to look at, the experience will not be pleasant.
  • “I’m not lost, but I don’t know where I am”. Too often, websites are difficult to navigate. Don’t have too many separate pages and be sure that your contact information is easy to find!
  • Spelling counts. Proofread for errors in spelling and grammar. If you spell the wrong word the right way spell check thinks it’s fine. Put fresh eyes on it – get someone other than you to look at your words too. Your business may be small, but you’re no amateur, remember?
  • “If you build it, they will come… maybe”. Remember that we started this exercise by asking “how do I grow my website?” with grow being the operative word. Once your site is built, it doesn’t mean you’re done. Your site will be of no use if no one visits it. Embrace those inbound marketing techniques that will help you “get found”. Get the word out. Publish it on Google, Facebook, your local paper, Twitter or any other method of communication you use.